My Story

After spending most of my life in fear from the trauma I endured as a young child and hiding that hurt and pain from so many people close to me, I was able to get help through a group of special individuals to unlock the pain and finally move through it.  Over the last ten years I have spent intensive time within recovery groups and in individual counseling to find that peace. I knew immediately that I wanted to use my own pain, my journey to help others who have gone through similar struggles.  I recently stepped away from a stable position in Corporate America to find something that gave value and meaning to my life.  The desire to help others move through their own pain and suffering.  Not as a therapist, but as a Guide for how to do life a little better, different than the pain and circumstance had always dictated.  Those who have suffered from childhood/adolescent PTSDs, abuse and addiction, those with deep hurts who’ve worked to get well, but still need help navigating life in a world that too often expects us to be ‘normal’.

I am currently enrolled in the Certified Professional Coach program through IPEC, an ICF accredited coaching program.  I have spent my entire life in education and ministry as a teacher, youth and music minister and advocate.  Over ten years in public schools working with students and adults, ten years in various roles of ministry and as a peer coach and leader in Celebrate Recovery, a 12 step based recovery program for over six years.  Recently I spent the better part of 2018 as a case manager in the mental health court in West Georgia.  I relate with others and enjoy building relationships, helping others define and refine their journey.