Let me be your Guide

My name is Chad Chatham.  I'm not a therapist.  What I am is a survivor.  I've lived through, with, and now past my childhood trauma and have come through with hope, understanding, and a passion for helping others to not just survive, but thrive AFTER the hurts, DURING the hurts, and hopefully BEFORE the hurts


The Essentials

Taking the approach of an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker, we'll start with the basic needs required to live life and then unpack and repurpose each element to ensure you're not carrying too heavy a load or without the right support and guidance.


Support along the Journey

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and support while accomplishing lasting growth. 


What’s in Your Backpack?

Atlanta, Georgia